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When The BAGS of Life Get Too Heavy, We're Here Too Support!

At BAGS, we are committed to providing grandparents with a comprehensive and convenient resource hub that offers them multiple avenues of access to vital information and services. With our centralized and virtual platform, it has never been easier for grandparents to connect with the support they need.

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A Message From Our Founder

Our organization began as a Facebook group with the aim of connecting grandparents with their grandchildren. Since then, we have grown into a heartwarming community that stretches across North America. We are proud to share a message from our Founder who has been instrumental in our growth and success.

BAGS Provides Support to:

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

Grandparents going through Estrangement from Adult Children and Grandchild(ren)

Grandparents seeking Entrepreneurship

Grandparents needing prayer

Our Mission

 BAGS – Being A Grandparent Support is to significantly improve the mental health and well-being of all members of the grandparent community, by connecting them with counseling, education, resources and advocacy to enjoy living their best life.

Our Vision

BAGS’ vision is to establish Universal Awareness and Platforms to identify, coordinate, and disseminate information, resources, and best practices which promote the empowerment of grandparents to meet their Mental Health, Educational, Financial, or Socio-Economic needs while fostering grandparent’s necessity for equality, equity, respect, and inclusion.


Our Story

On July 18, 2022, BAGS-Being A Grandparent Support was established as a Private Facebook page for grandparents to engage with other grandparents, as well as receive emotional and mental health support through the sharing of information, resources, activities, inspirational quotes, words of wisdom, and requested prayer. BAGS is a non-judgmental community, and the only requirement is to be a grandparent.

The nonprofit BAGS is a centralized, virtual, one stop shop, access point for grandparents to receive multiple resources and informational services. These services will include counseling, family mediation, life coaching, legal aid, education and faith-based support. One stop centralizes virtual access for volunteers, agencies, organizations, and faith-based services to support grandparents. BAGS will offer scholarship opportunities, to provide start-up seed money to grandparents who are newly awarded grandchildren, grandparents who need money for their first legal consultation appointment, grandparents raising grandchildren going off to college on scholarships.  These resources will help grandparents who are raising grandchildren, estranged from grandchildren, as well as supporting grandparents that have businesses or are interested in entrepreneurship. 


Grandparents raising grandchildren is not a new phenomenon. It is, however, a rapidly growing one. Over 90,000 children live with grandparents as their primary caregivers, while over 179,000 live with grandparents who are the householders. 89,622 grandparent householders raise their grandchildren, and 45% of these children live with no parents at home. Most of these grandparents are under 60, and 23% live in poverty.



Long Day Care


Family Daycare


Occasional Care


Before and After School Care




The saddest thing about losing a grandchild through alienation is that it happens again every single morning.

Research by Gransnet revealed that one in seven grandparents are estranged from their grandchildren, with many more also estranged from their adult children.

A new form of family estrangement is becoming an epidemic, and many people are unaware of its existence. Grandparent Alienation a.k.a. Grandparent Alienation Syndrome (GAS) is rearing its ugly head too often, cutting off grandparents from their treasured grandchildren.

A simple disagreement, misunderstanding, or envy of the grandchild’s love for the grandparent, can set off a complete withdrawal of any time allowed between the grandchild and grandparent

When grandparents are unfairly denied contact with their grandchildren, it can be heartbreaking for the grandparents and grandchildren alike. Although suing for visitation rights is a possibility, the most productive approach is resolving family disputes before estrangement is on the table.

B.A.G.S Promotes Entrepreneurship

According to SCORE, nearly 51% of small businesses are run by entrepreneur More than half (54%) of America’s small business owners are over 50. Specifically, 33% of U.S. small business owners are between 50 and 59 years old; 17% are 60 to 69 years old, and 4% are 70 and up. Men account for three-fourths of small business owners over 50. There are some key advantages to starting a business later in life, including a larger network of connections, decades of professional experience, and oftentimes more savings and assets to help support your entrepreneurial goals. Score can help you get started.

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